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how long has it been sine i've updated?

who cares heres a long overdue political statement ON GAMING!!


it's not only me but others, people who say the same thing I do

what the fuck happened to video games!?

their all repackaging and re hashing games to the brink of insanity, we ask, are the developers running out of ideas? just why are these games now days going to hell in a hand basket?

then, it occurred to me why,

level design,

in portal 2 I had realized that the game was great because level design, they use the whole room and leave nothing open ended

don't believe me?

play halo's silent cartographer map or 007 on N64 their was only one way to solve those missions (i.e. nothing open ended)

confused yet? then let me simplify, in today's games we congratulate people for copying and pasting the same crap over and over again and call it great level design, why? "Because they notice that chair misplaced in the corner!" wow!! so REALISTIC!!!, realistic, yes, but does it have a purpose? all the levels to day have these extra rooms but what ever for?

this is where I realized what was wrong, now I know I said portal had no open ended ness, some probably said "explain the rat man holes smart guy" in a smug way, but that's also exactly my point THEY, HAD, PURPOSE, an achievement, that's where, like I said, I went back, back to the most memorable games and realized what is wrong

everything in games before now had a purpose super Mario world had no branching paths and when it did it had a reward, a short cut and a few coins for that much needed 1-UP, metroid, I realize, is the direct opposite, but again, you explored every path and when you found a secret where did it go? to a reward and I know that some times you don't always go off the path, some times there are areas you could have explored, but think again, it's either a secret or a path you'll cross later on

but again most notably halo's silent cartographer level, though yes its open ended, think about its lay out, you go from the beach to the control center, the emergency override, back to the control center, and back on the beach, you essentially go around in a circle, but in the end that's all the island has to offer

now a days with games like crysis 2 and Call Of Duty-MW they have that open ended ness they promise but like any "open ended game" what can you really do? on modern warfare though it appears 'open' the environments are very narrow and crysis has so much space I actually get overwhelmed and don't know what to do not only that but they both have a sever lack of cover, either I can't use "that" on MW or I get caught anyway on crysis

now I'm not saying its all bad, based on what game you use it's actually good like the conduit, but the word we use is misplaced, 'open ended' implies freedom and from what I've learned from coding is that, that 'freedom' is programmed in, so I guess its not so free is it? open scale applies better since you can move through but on a set path, right? since after all, that's what's happening still today, despite what were told by developers, in the end though my point is that the reason games today are so awful is because, what I learned from portal 2 and so many before it, the environment, and all space in it, is wasted


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Redfoxbennaton Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Your icon is scary!
the-ever-eternal Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
wait what? O__O!!

are you kidding me?... someones actually checking out my profile?

well, shit.

but yeah it from the awesome series back when it was relevant, it was funny then
Redfoxbennaton Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I remember that cartoon. I deserve a fucking llama badge.
Unali Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010
aapis is a piece of shit that enjoys trolling people. just ignore him.
the-ever-eternal Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010
besides if this is the best he can do this shit heads licked already

Oh snap, Captain Butthurt strikes again!
the-ever-eternal Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010
short sighted logic, huge ego, loud mouth, tiny penis- i know the drill

factual evidence, peice of mind, fake knowledge and tricky wit- is all i need, besting him may be a challenge

but no different than:

catforgiver Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
jy jy(good luck) ^^
lets draws more, you can find many references here in da
its cos da too who build my passion to draw

u can making concept from a 'word' to 'word'

like 'fantasy' word or 'cute' word or even either
from that find any references from that two word

if you decided whats gonna u want to draw, draw! dont hesitate or thinks much

and one thing for sure, drawings is a "art of communication"
find "what you want to share" is the keys of the concept of drawings, of making an 'true art'

from one word into million word added to draw ^^
createdfrompain Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
Daniel Heidenreich, you need a hobby. Take up sports or music, dude. :)
the-ever-eternal Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010
why don't you try telling me off instead?

if you play the game you play by the rules

thats one thing i know best in life, you play the hand given to you by another you usually succeed them

besides didn't you want someone to tell you whats wrong with your stories?

you should know this is what happens on the internet, why people hate "haters", because they never fuck off, not usually, unless you one up them in a conversation

so how about you man up and get everything off your chest that you hate about me and i'll tell you everything that i blatently lied about to you?
createdfrompain Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
But I don't hate you. I just don't care, man. You make weirdo threats and go off on strange tangents about things that are so far from relevant that it makes MY case of ADD seem weak by comparison.

I write something in a style that makes you happy and you go, "Oh, yeah but... your OLD STUFF HAS THIS AND THIS AND THIS WRONG WITH IT!" Well, that's why it's OLD STUFF, dingleberry. I don't care what you **blatAntly** lied about, dude. You're on the other side of the country, I'll never meet you, and if your way of doing things is so much better than my own style of doing things, then guess what? You'll be a NEW YORK TIMES best seller and I won't. Then guess what? You'll have been right and I'll be happy for you. Big deal. I'm not trying to one up anyone here. I'm thirty. I have three kids. I gave up on trying to "one up" people after I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL, dude.

I gave up on listening to your opinions when you took things personally and started making death threats to family members, dude. I'll take my advice from editors not from people who have strange obsessions. Again, I don't care what you lied about. You can keep it on your chest until the end of time; it doesn't effect me in the least. :)

Oh a semi-related note, the Sly Cooper franchise is being released in HD 3D on PS3. O_o;

Maybe people will read more Sly stories soon? Who knows. P-sout.
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